Human centered transformation. This means growth both for the business and the people.

Transformation is not just about big moves; it’s also about daily habits and rituals—the power of thousands of small moves.

Steve Haase


Beckie Thompson

Senior Management Advisor

Amy Scerra


Sharis Buenaventura

Marketing Manager

We do what we do because good people with great ideas, matter. Since 2012, Think Global has been led by Steve Haase and Amy Scerra, two driven entrepreneurs who take the most people first approach possible. We call it, human-centered business growth. With over 400 clients, 90% of them still in business, we’re committed not only to immediate progress, but to your sustainable success. Think of us as partners, just more like friends, ready to take your small business to where it was always meant to be.

For the past 9 years, Think Global has been working with entrepreneurs of all sizes, sectors and makeups. At Think Global, we are passionate about the entrepreneurial pursuit and designed our business to fully support business building and scalable growth. We believe communities are stronger when entrepreneurs are thriving in their communities.

Our mission, help entrepreneurs and business leaders evolve in a way that puts their vision first, while embracing their passions with uniquely developed, growth centric, go-to-market strategies.


“Working with the Think Global team was incredible!”


“Steve and Amy have not only been a part of my business world, they’ve become family. We’ve grown our brands together."