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Be the success you know you are.

We’re not business-to-business. We’re person to person.

We empower women entrepreneurs to unleash their potential. We help you discover your own definition of success. Then, we give you customized tools to move your business in a better direction immediately. Think of us as the icing on your already-delicious cake. We’re on your team, providing ongoing support whenever you need us. Seriously, BFFs 4ever. 

Don’t force yourself to work in a box someone else built. Let’s Think Global together.


Your Roadmap to Alignment

Think Global Lab is a can’t-miss 3-day event where you’ll engage in an interactive lab, gain practical, situational, customized advisory, and radical self-exploration. OUR MISSION is to empower women business owners to define, own, love and achieve their unique definition of success. The Lab is a safe environment to get outside your comfort zone, build, test, refine and grow. *Accepted Thinkers are eligible for capital access – Coming in 2017.



Think Global Lab is a can’t miss 3-day event where you’ll engage in interactive workshops, gain practical, situational, customized advisory, radical self-exploration, shared experiences, work hard, play hard, and get access to the ever-growing Think Global Community. 



We are disrupting the traditional advising model. For scalable, sustainable change to happen, we focus on Human Centered Growth. Our goal is to build confidence, create direction and guide implementation. 




We want your brand to speak to people. We position brands to improve connection, awareness, engagement and loyalty among your customers and internal teams.  Your brand is a catalyst for your growth. 


Featured Thinker

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Q Digital Studio

We make technology do its jobs better. Websites can be both smart and simple. Even large, powerful websites can be easy to use. A website does its job when it solves a problem. A website does its job when it gets out of the way.

We bring a thoughtful process to discovering your organization’s web needs. Then we work together to transform your site into a high-performing and efficient tool. Let’s put your website to work. Then you can get to doing what you do best.

To learn more: www.qdigitalstudio.com

Featured Partner

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Padron Marketing

Transforming your business through social engagement takes a fearless approach to marketing that goes beyond just getting you fans. It gets you sales. True transformation comes with making real connections and showing you care by communicating with people in a way that matters to them. It means telling an authentic story and delivering a brand message that people believe in and want to share with others.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your days searching for articles and testing marketing campaigns to see what works. Our mindful approach to marketing creates a collaborative exchange that leads to increased sales, and it can work for your company.

Learn More at: padronmarketing.com

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Founder, CEO


“Steve Haase took the puzzle pieces of our complex business model and made
it feel easy to move forward. He extracted information from us painlessly
and laid out straightforward action steps in each area. Best of all, his
happy, charismatic intensity inspired us to want to tackle all the work.
Steve’s confidence is contagious.”

Dr. Georgia, Ph.D., Founder, CEO

“I am not sure how they do it, but they have an incredible ability to connect, support and build a community that is long lasting. I am forever a Thinker.”

Rhonda, Founder, CEO

“Highly recommend the services of Think Group Institute! Steve had an uncanny ability to hone down quickly into the real issues at hand in my growth-stage business. TGI is connected to amazing resources in every aspect needed in a growth stage business and I can’t say enough good things about my experience with TGI.”

Trish, Founder, CEO

“Working with Steve was just the kickstart I needed to fall back in love with my business. His ability to listen, and ask exactly the right question to pull me out of whatever box I am stuck in: priceless. “

Erika, Founder, CEO

“Steve and his group put new energy and enthusiasm back into my company. He helped me reignite my passion that got me to the place I am now.”

Lisa, Founder, CEO

“I knew something was off with my business, but I couldn’t see or fix it on my own – nor could the plethora of consultants and business groups I had previously consulted with. The Think Global team quickly understood the nature of my business, where I was going, and why; and from there was able to diagnose why things weren’t working and came up with a plan. But things didn’t just end there, I have truly felt their presence and support with me, step by step, as we work this plan and bring the bold dream I carry within me to life. I feel like they have the capacity to see my Vision within me in a way that no one else ever had, and has the ability to walk with me as we bring it to life. They gave me permission to Believe.”

Dr. Renee Ostertag, Founder, CEO