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Our History

Our History

Think Global was inspired by a group of tenacious women entrepreneurs from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Though we may experience many differences in culture or daily life, it is clear that we desire the FREEDOM to choose our life-path and best-life.
Utilizing the flexibility and inspiration entrepreneurship offers, we all choose to build and grow businesses that we love, resulting in lives that we love, with the people whom we love. Our job is to give our Thinkers the support for their business, how and when they need it.
Think Global History
We know how incredibly challenging, fun, stressful, scary, paralyzing, exciting, freeing and rewarding owning a business can be. It’s critical to create time and space for for you to feel these feelings (this giant ball of confusion), in a safe space.


Entrepreneurship is a calling from deep inside us to create, build and do something that believe in. Think Global’s team is here to help guide, support, and be there for you during this journey. We respect you, because we know what you’re going through.



Throughout our careers we have worked with, alongside, and in-partnership with some pretty amazing heavy-weights.


Just to name a few:



OPEN Karachi


World Vision Port-au-Prince


Embassy of the United States Port-au-Prince


Embassy of the United States Kabul






The Women’s Digital League (Pakistan)


University of Denver

ASU’s WP Carey School of Business


ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management


Refugee Center of Las Vegas (ECDC)


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Program


U.S. Department of State




U.S. Ambassador Melanne Verveer’s Office of Global Women’s Issues

We’ve been around, in a good way.