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You’ve worked your butt off and now you have a product or service that is gaining some traction in the market.


Revenues are increasing and your brand is growing, but how do you keep it going? How do you maintain it? How do you prepare for more growth in the future? How do you handle all the issues and opportunities on the day-to-day basis?


This offering is for our more mature clients that have established market presence and active offerings. Once to market, the work to maintain market share and look for opportunities to grow and scale increase. As a company grows, cost management becomes a priority and resources must be monitored.


As you fight hard to deliver and continue grow market, you must be looking forward and planning your next moves.


Many of the same elements in business continue at every level, what changes is strategies and management of resources. Next was designed to address these all head on. Monitoring the current and planning for the future is our focus.


With access to a full team, we keep eyes on your business with you, ready to respond quickly, assess thoroughly and take action. As you scale your business, competition increases and speed and access to a team get become more critical. Think Global brings you that team.



Each Month Members Receive
  • A call from our Co-Founder Amy to find out about any upcoming news, deals, good news, needs.
  • Dedicated business advisor with 2 monthly phone / Skype calls.
  • Regular communication via text to address any immediate issues
  • Invite to a Think Global monthly video call with all current and past clients – Calls will be recorded.
    • These will be casual and open conversations.
    • Each month, the topic we are covering is pre-set
    • Handouts and tools will be shared
    • Each member can invite team members to call
  • There will be 1:1 call in regards to the topic shared on the conference call and how it applies to your business.



Our price is determined by the amount of access, speed and depth you need with your business. Our core advising offering is a month-to-month offering, no contracts. You will receive guidance and advisory as we create strategies and discuss tactics to best achieve your mission.


Think Global offers additional add-ons services to better (and quickly) move your business through the rigors of growth.


Think Global Additional Offers:

  • Web design and development
  • Brand messaging
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Team/Leadership coaching
  • Social Media management