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You Have To Be In The Game, To Play The Game

Our approach is directly correlated to the pains we’ve seen our Thinkers experience while trying to grow. This approach does exist in the world for large corporations, but it does not exist for entrepreneurs. Our entire investment in building Think Global, has been to figure out how to provide a team of experts to entrepreneurs at a price that fits the market we serve.
Team. Access. Focus.

We believe the truth will set you free and when you take the emotions out, you can create an effective, customer driven approach that addresses the needs of your market.


 Everyday, new products and services are hitting markets. New brands are launching with the next big idea, grabbing attention away from you. This is a never ending battle that we fight everyday as entrepreneurs.
 The predictable success of your offering is dependent upon the successful design, development and activation of your To Market strategy.
The goal is to take an interesting concept and make it a promising business opportunity. Just because you have a “good” idea, does not necessarily mean that its a solid business.
It will take more than 5 iterations of your strategy to get it “right”. And then you will evolve more and
Failure is an option. Even good ideas fail. There are no guarantees only lessening of risk and increasing probability.
At that point you create an offering, your job shifts from creator to business development (aka – sales). How do you sell your product and create a sustainable revenue stream so you can further develop or create new products, build infrastructure, pay back investment/loans and pay yourself?
The reality is there are companies spending a lot more time and resources to get to market and take business from you.
If your customers can not distinguish you from the competition, then it will be hard to find you. A successful brand will hit the target as tight as possible and deliver value to their customers. They are moving fast and adapting to constantly changing markets and channels.  
An effective to market system comprises of dozens of capabilities that, together, build a bridge between a your organization’s strategy and the exceptional customer experiences that are the ultimate driver of customer loyalty.
The successful companies have a To Market system and team that allows them to grow by quickly adapting to new environments rather than scrambling to catch up. How do you get your product or service to market?
When you consider and think about approaching a market, you need to take your target customer’s perspective. Your’s does not matter that much. What are they trying to achieve?  What problem do they have and are you solving?
A big part of this is self awareness. Many entrepreneurs enter a market with a passion, talent or idea that they can develop and that usually does not include to market strategies and teams.  Scalability is limited when the founder and creator is the only selling through passion and that is not scalable either. In either circumstance we are faced with limitations could impede growth and given your offerings a real chance at making it.
Figuring out a To Market strategy is no trivial exercise. It’s most likely the indicator of success or fail of that offering, maybe the company. At the very least it will indicate a survival vs scalability strategy.
Figuring out how to bring your brands offerings to market is not a one time exercise. Its an evolving strategy that adapts to internal and external factors. To market is step one, staying relevant in the market is step 2 and step 3 is preparing for the next enhancement or new offering to continue your company’s growth.
A robust, integrated go-to-market system is one central difference today between companies that succeed and companies that fail, between those that grow and those that scramble merely to stay in place.
Your market is more crowded and noisier than it has ever been and it will increase each day moving forward. How do you stand out?


We believe To Market means launching a remarkable offering that is unique in the market and offers a superior customer experience that is repeatable.
This is hard stuff and this is where most businesses get stuck and can’t figure a way to scale up.
Think of To Market as the beginning of the sales process. It’s starting the engine on the sales process.
Our To market goal is happy, loyal customers. These loyal customers buy more products, stick around longer, cost less to serve and sing the company’s praises to their networks.
Think Global brings clients a creative approach that goes beyond traditional branding strategies and integrates business strategies and models with creative and brand, with a side of sales and marketing to deliver the most superior customer experience possible.
We know money is scarce for many of these businesses, so we built a business that focuses on what gets you the quickest return on your investment, rather than being a cost around all the things that don’t matter until you are successfully operating in a market.


Let’s start with a conversation.

Leading a business can feel like trying to keep a hundred balls in the air at the same time. Our team would love to help you stay focused on your big goals and forge ahead with confidence. Connect with us today.