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About Us

Our team has decades of experience advising large corporations and the best-run companies, because let’s be honest:


This is who can afford a team of consultants. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, this didn’t sit right with us, so we built a company to fix it. We knew there had to be a better way to help entrepreneurs grow and win in a marketplace not designed for them to win.


  • Mutual Respect

    We check egos and pre-conceived judgements at the door! We welcome all people into our Think Global family who are givers, not takers. We welcome your ideas, faith and lifestyle.

  • Impeccable with Our Word

    You can count on us to be there when and how you need us. We promise to provide rigorous but loving accountability and honesty.

  • It Takes a Village

    No one can, or should go this alone. The saying ‘it takes a village’ doesn’t only apply to raising children! We call our “people” family for a reason.

  • Work Like a Beast

    We believe in attacking life and business like a beast. We confidently take on challenges because we have a loyal team by our side. You have one life, and we believe you should make it yours. Work tirelessly for what you want, and for a happy life. Your business is just the vehicle to get you there. Take action. DO.

  • Build You UP. Break IT Down

    Our goal is not only to build your business, but to help you realize and SEE your best self. We want you to see yourself like WE see you and the courageous, brave, wild soul that you are.

  • Be Available and Present

    When you lead by listening and with empathy, you gain understanding and awareness on how you can best support another person.